• Setup the Trezor Wallet!

    Trezor Wallet Support Features

    Trezor support features are extensive as the company has loads of educational resources. It is considered an online encyclopedia of cryptocurrency wallets. The majority of the support features are designed for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash transactions. The Trezor devices have an extensive FAQ section, which caters to several queries and offers resolute answers.Trezor wallet login

    Trezor devices provide step-by-step documentation on helping users start the wallet and run it with the hardware. The troubleshooter tool in Trezor software is also useful to search for quick fixes to common issues.

    Trezor Wallet Pricing

    At the time of this Trezor wallet review, the premium Trezor Model T device was priced at $170. This device is sold in the European countries at €160 or £125. In comparison to any other hardware wallet, Trezor One is available at a low price of $55. This app can be easily used on any Android device at €49.

    Ledger Nano X is the closest rival to the Trezor Model T product. The SatoshiLabs company aims to tackle its premium competitor – the Ledger Nano X – by offering the new wallet device at $120. On the other hand, Ledger Nano S is a close competition to Trezor One, which is why the Trezor One device has been priced at $60.

    In addition to these devices, Trezor has another hardware competitor. The third most popular hardware wallet in this list is the KeepKey cryptocurrency wallet. KeepKey costs about $50. However, it fails to offer the security features like Ledger wallets and Trezor wallets.

    Trezor Wallet Review – Supported Coins

    Since its release, more cryptocurrencies are supported by Trezor-login wallets. Today, more than 1,500 crypto assets can safely be stored and transferred with the Trezor Model T wallet. SatoshiLabs is extending this list of supported cryptocurrencies every year.

    The most popular cryptocurrencies on Trezor are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Tether, Dash, Ethereum, and Ripple.

    Trezor Wallet Review – Pros and Cons

     The Trezor device comes with a color touchscreen. This helps in viewing the passphrase and assets easily. Trezor has faced an unauthorized access hack in 2017, which raises several concerns about its security features.
     Trezor wallets are developed with open-source programming. There is no proprietary software tracking the digital wealth of users. Trezor wallet is relatively more expensive than Ledger and other peers.
     Trezor wallet is relatively easy to set up and use. The wallet has mobile support for the Android platform only. Trezor wallet app for iOS is currently unavailable.
     The wallet protects its digital assets with top-notch security. 
     The wallet supports nearly 1600 crypto coins. 
     SatoshiLabs provides constant firmware updates to keep the Trezor wallet protected with the latest crypto security protocols.